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Here are some easy ways to get in touch with us should you need some help with your enquiry....

New Zealand customers can call us on 0800 SLEEPS (0800 753 377)

Australian customers can call us on 1800 557 967

Alternatively, you can send us an email at ccare@thecomfortgroup.co

Interested in what your warranty covers?

The below information might help you out. If you still have a query about your warranty, why not give our friendly Customer Care Team a call who will happily help you out.


• Broken springs or wires

• Stitching faults or loose threads not caused by any external factor

• Broken Base

• Faulty or broken legs/castors


• A reasonable level of dipping (as a result of body impressioning/contouring) on the mattress. A reasonable level can measure up to 35mm on a pillow top mattress, and up to 25mm on a non-pillow top mattress.

• Comfort concern as a result of product selection.

• Damage to a product due to wilful damage, such as bending, misuse, neglect or general wear and tear.

• Mattress damage due to an unsupportive or sagging base or frame. Our mattresses are best supported by the matching sleepset.

• Heat issue. From our experience, It can take a period of time for your body to adjust to your new sleep environment.

• Mattress fabric (including stains, soiling and burns)

• Handles are designed to position the mattress on the base only and not support the full weight of the mattress.

• New mattress smell.